1. Parties

Service provider Express Amigos Tur. Taş. Org. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. name and surname of the person in the reservation and / or the persons he / she represents will be referred to as “Consumer”.

2. Thread

This contract was made between the Consumer and the Agency. The Agency’s sales rights are regulated for sales of written, visual, telephone and electronic services as required by the services specified below, whose qualifications and sales conditions are listed below. It includes transfer, tour and vehicle allocation service purchased by the Consumer from the Agency’s website. The qualifications of the purchased service are indicated on the Web Site Distance Sales Agreement and the Terms and Conditions pages and the service charge in the booking and confirmation form sent to the e-mail address.

3. Duration of Contract

This contract of business; and if any dispute does not occur, the consumer shall terminate automatically upon the completion of the service received. In the case of dispute, this contractual relationship will be valid until the final resolution of the dispute.

4. Payment and Billing Information

Transfer service to Antalya Airport depending on your transfer vip transfer points, your transfer rates may vary. The consumer is obliged to pay the cost of the service at the time of booking by the credit card. VAT is included. Making reservation and payment; The Web Site of the Agency shall mean the acceptance of the provisions specified in the distance Sales Agreement and the “Terms and Conditions” pages. Return requests must be submitted to until 14 (fourteen) days after the date of service. Invoicing period for purchased service by tax prosecure, 7 days including the date of purchase with the condition that the month does not skip. The Agency shall use the information provided in the booking form in the documentation of the invoices to be sent to the Consumer. In installment payment options selected by the Customer in credit card payments, the difference between the time specified by the related bank or payment systems is added to the service charge and is automatically stated in the installment payment table. The expenses to be incurred by the cancellation of the credit card payments made to the bank’s pos system or the payment system service company are deducted from the amount to be returned to the customer. Prepaid instruments mentioned on the booking page of our website Turkey is a prerequisite to be done on the basis of 72 hours advance booking local time, it shall be deemed accepted limitations on how long if the booking was made. In case of requests that will occur under 72 hours of the mentioned vehicles, preliminary compliance should be obtained by contacting us. In some destinations on our website, only pre payment requirement may be paid as payment option. Waiting period at the airport for the arrival transfers from the airport is determined as 2 hours from the flight landing time as the company policy. There may be commissions interrupted by the financial transfers between the countries or the sending bank or the correspondent bank due to reasons arising from the commission policy. Commission deductions and responsibility arising from the bank to which the money will be transferred belongs to the sending party. To avoid such a situation, the consumer must check the approval status of the bank.

5. Cancellation and Changes

When the consumer requests the cancellation until 24 hours before the start of the service, all the service cost is returned to him. In case of cancellation requests, the consumer shall be refunded 50% of the service cost for less than 12 hours. The reservation can be canceled by the agent if the consumer specifies that the information specified in the reservation is not correct. In addition, the agent can pre-search the consumer for a confirmed reservation. The agent has the right to cancel the reservation if it is not answered by the consumer for these calls or the mails sent. These conditions do not include campaign services, early bookings or discounted bookings. Cancellation provisions are valid for the date changes made by the consumer. The Consumer agrees to comply with the service contract rules for the service purchased from the Agent; 3. acknowledges that the persons shall respect the life, the goods and their presence, otherwise they shall not receive the service and the right to return. After the performance of the service, the consumer is responsible for the cost of the service and the damages caused by the service if the bank or financial institution does not pay the service fee to the Agency due to unauthorized use of unauthorized or unlawful credit card by the unauthorized person.

6. General Provisions

The agency may be subject to mechanical failure, traffic accidents, operational disruptions, air opposition, traffic congestion, terrorist incidents, applications of law enforcement agencies, etc., which would be impeded in the transfer of vehicles. an alternative tool will be provided as soon as possible after the moment it understands that you cannot make your transfer due to reasons and / or otherwise inform you transfer vehicles will be available to passengers at the time of their receipt. Passengers must be at the pick-up point 10 minutes before the reception time. If the vehicle does not arrive, it should wait 15 minutes on the basis of the reception time. When the vehicle is 15 minutes late, the consumer should call the agency and provide access by their own means. Passengers must wait in front of the outer door of the venue (hotel, building, apartment etc.) which is indicated as the point of reception. Express Amigos Tur. Taş Org. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti has the right to make 1 hour change on the receipt of transfer. In addition, Express Amigos Tur. Taş. Org. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. has the right to transfer its guests with partner companies. In case of force majeure (accident, breakdown, tire burst, traffic situation etc.), the passenger leaves the airport at his / her own expense, Airport transfer fee Express Amigos Tur. Taş. Org. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. The passengers have to go to the airport considering the flight time. If the passenger does not go to the airport by his own means and misses the flight, Express Amigos Tur. Taş. Org. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. accepts no liability. Passengers at the airport are not waiting in the VIP transfers. In case of force majeure (accident, breakdown, tire burst, traffic situation etc.), the waiting time can be maximum 1 hour if the vehicle is delayed to the passenger point of departure. In case we have stated above, the refund of the transfer fee will be returned to you uninterruptedly and / or the price difference arising from the transportation to the airport provided by the Consumer at your own expense will be paid to the Consumer by the Agency. The price difference does not include air tickets.

7. Force

This contract is composed of 7 main items, if necessary, will be signed in two copies and signed by the parties. Antalya court and enforcement offices are authorized for disputes arising from this contract. I have stated that I have read and accepted the contract myself and / or the names I have indicated on the booking form on behalf of the written persons. This statement; it is valid even if someone else has executed and / or signed the booking process myself. I hereby declare that I have read all of the provisions of the Transfer Agreement page arranged on our behalf as the consumer, the responsibility for the accuracy of my information on the reservation form that I have sent, the Road Transport Law No. 4925 and the information on the Agency’s website.